The Adventures of Red, Dog, Devil and Bat

01 Eastward Bound

02 The First Days Ride

03 Vegetarian Hungarian Goulash

04 The Girl With The Long Black Hair

05 Bald Bob

06 Bush Tucker Man

07 Yellow Canary

08 The Great White

09 Zen and Salt Water

10 Wine Fest

11 Wind In Their Whiskers

12 Bonnie Doon

13 Backpackers and Roast Dinners

14 Phillip Island

15 To Tassie We Will Go

16 Devil's Island

17 The Rabbits

18 Showtime

19 Test Ride

20 Cuccumber Cafe

21 Alpine Country

22 Hoppers

23 Road to Gundagai

Jane Laws - Yamaha Vstar

Harley Davidsons
Out of the blue, I was asked to write a story for a motorcycle club magazine. I thought about this request for a moment and said "I don't have anything to write about right now," to which they replied, "make something up." That's how The Adventures of Red Dog Devil and Bat began!

The story is about four Australian animals, Red the kangaroo, Dog the Dingo, Devil the Tassie Devil and Bat the Wombat, travelling around Oz on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They have a little stowaway on board called The Skink. The Skink is the little guy writing about the boys adventure and posting the instalments on the web!

I contacted a long time friend and once upon a time motorcycle rider Michael Jessop-Jolly and said "any chance you could draw me some pictures of these dudes I'm writing about?" To which he replied "I'll have a go!"

I sent Mike the first couple of instalments so he could tune into the characters and I must say the pictures he came up with were beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks Mike!

I am having the greatest fun writing this story, even I don't know what's going to happen next!

Stay Cool
Jane (The Skink)

Jane Laws - Yamaha Vstar

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For your special graphic art requirements you can contact Michael Jessop-Jolly (Off-Stone Advertising Publishing).